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Our Lady of Fatima Centennial Conference Series 2016-2017

Call to Holiness Conference

April 20, 1923 - March 27, 2016  May she Rest in Peace

Fr. Perrone's recollections of Mother Angelica

Excerpts from the April 3, 2016 bulletin of Assumption Grotto. (

God often accomplishes His finest works with humblest means. This is a theme running throughout Sacred Scripture. The prodigious accomplishments of Mother Angelica in propagating, defending and preserving the Catholic faith have changed the course of the Church in our time, in the USA, and over the whole globe. That’s saying an awful lot, I know, but I can’t refrain from asserting it.

My association with Mother Angelica came about this way. As the newly installed pastor of Assumption Grotto Church, I had been invited to appear on Mother Angelica Live because our outdoors Lourdes Grotto somehow came to her attention. This was back in 1994. Although I had heard much about this bold and influential nun, I had never seen her TV program. After a brief introduction and prayer in the studio, we were to go onto the set and speak about heaven-knows what.

Our next great meeting was in regard to the formation of the first Call To Holiness Conference in 1996. For those who do not know, the story runs that the major dissident national ‘Catholic’ organization at the time was Call to Action, a wealthy, pestiferous monster born in our own Archdiocese in the later 1960s. It had graciously moved out of Detroit and into Chicago but had now planned to make a comeback to its native Detroit for a homecoming. Wondering over what to do about this troubling prospect, and rather confident that nothing would be done to stop it from our diocesan bureaucrats, I decided to hold a day of reparation in our church before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.

I mentioned my idea to Fr. Hardon who was delighted with the proposal. Contact was then made with Fr. Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press who said that this local countermove was far too little but that I should “go big” with the whole thing. I asked Fr. Hardon if he would invite Mother Angelica to come to the event and speak (Father had been her spiritual advisor). After prayer, Mother agreed to come. She made the day.

Our Conference was a major antidote to the toxic offerings of Call To Action. It was, I would say, a great hit. Mother was to return to Detroit twice more for Call to Holiness Conferences, making a great impact on the people of the Archdiocese and of the whole country as well.

My last involvement with Mother came upon the dedication of her ‘temple,’ the new monastery church she had built for her Order in Alabama. Mother appealed to her TV audience for help. Was there a choir out there that could sing Mozart’s Coronation Mass for the dedication? Briefly put, we were able to fill the bill.

Mother flew our parish choir down to Alabama, put us up in a motel, fed us and carted us about on a chartered bus. Our part was to have a single rehearsal with local orchestral musicians and to sing the opening Mass. It was a memorable event, of course, and Mother, with all that must have been on her mind those days, gave us a generous amount of personal attention. My favorite moment was during the singing of the Agnus Dei when I saw Mother’s head peeking out behind us to see what she was hearing. Evidently she was pleased. After Mass she met with us to thank us personally. Needless to say, we were overcome with gratitude ourselves.

News of her death brought me the happiness of thinking that she had finally finished the work God had asked of her and was moving towards reaping the harvest of her tireless labors.

You must pardon me for mentioning only these select things about this remarkable woman of faith. I’m aware that she did a great deal more in her writings, in her (EWTN) radio and TV network, and in the founding of her religious communities which continue to steady, purify and strengthen the Church through the sacrificial lives of her many spiritual children.

Mother Angelica, may your warm and lovely smile glow with the heavenly radiance of the One you served so well on earth. We thank Him for your inspiring and inspired religious life. Rest, Mother, but do not neglect to pray for us.

Fr. Eduard Perrone
Pastor of Assumption Grotto Catholic Church, Detroit
Founder of Call to Holiness




Filii Minimi Cordis Dulcissime Mariae Virginis Beatissime Conceptionis ImmaculataeMatris Misericordiae Divinaw The Littlest Sons of The Sweetest Heart of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary

The Immaculate ConceptionMother of The Divine Mercy

Call to Holiness

Our Lady of Fatima Centennial Conference Series 2016-2017

A thoughtful, catechetical presentation of the 100th Anniversary of the three Angel apparitions in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 1916 and the ensuing apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary from May to October 1917.  Presented by the new men’s religious community-in-formation, the Littlest Sons of The Sweetest Heart of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary and sponsored by the World Apostolate of Fatima—Detroit Archdiocesan Division and Call to Holiness, this series of conferences will help in predisposing the attendees to receive as part of the New Evangelization, the dire importance of this message for our troubled times.  Each Day of Recollection will focus on each individual apparition while maintaining the integrity of the entirety of this supernatural event: a message that is forthright, catechetical, harrowing and yet supremely hopeful; a message that urges our proper disposition by seeking and recognizing the help of the Angels who prepare the way for the Queen of Heaven; a message that is pronounced through Her all-loving Maternity in precise and purposeful conformity with the Truth.


Each Day of Recollection will be held at the

The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

18637 Ray Street Riverview, MI 48193


Angel Series Days of Recollection

100th Anniversary of the Spring 1916 Angel Apparition

Saturday April 2, 2016:  The Angel of Peace—“…pray with me.”

 100th Anniversary of the Summer 1916 Angel Apparition

Saturday July 2, 2016:   Reparation—Conversion—Suffering—Submission

 100th Anniversary of the Autumn 1916 Angel Apparition

Saturday October 1, 2016: Console your God—“The Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ”


Schedule for each Day of Recollection: (each conference will be filmed for distribution)

7:30am— Confession available

8:00am—Holy Mass

9:00am— break with refreshments available

9:30am—1st Conference with Q&A

11:30am—Lunch break

12:30pm— 2nd Conference with Q&A

3:00pm— The Hour of Mercy: Chaplet of The Divine Mercy and Holy Rosary


We believe that Our Lady desires this message to be re-presented for our times.

 There is no charge for attendees.

Trusting in God’s Holy and Divine Providence, a free will offering will be taken up towards the end of the first conference. 

We ask that you please pre-register by phone, mail, or by text:

Filii Minimi Cordis Dulcissime

13800 Gratiot Avenue Detroit, MI 48205 (313) 778-1498

If you cannot attend, please support us by prayer and/or a tax deductible charitable donation.

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